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Dr. Cory Hall's professional piano instruction has reached an audience of millions of aspiring pianists on YouTube. Here are some testimonials from satisfied students located all across the world who have lessons with him via Skype.

"The best piano site on the net. Dr. Hall is a fine musician and a source of inspiration unsurpassed on YouTube." (Subscriber, BachScholar YouTube Channel).


"I strongly recommend Skype lessons with Cory Hall, regardless of where you live or what age you are! We live in a rural area where there are few professional piano teachers. Using Skype allows me to get professional instruction right in my own home. No matter your age, you can learn to play the piano with Cory. He is intuitive in assessing your level and giving proper instruction to help you improve. A few years ago I decided to take piano lessons for the challenge and for personal satisfaction.  I have taken lessons from other teachers, but in the year I have taken lessons with Cory, I feel I have made steady progress. I am now 76 years old, so I can attest that you can learn piano at any age! Cory is very knowledgeable and has original exercises designed for various technical improvements. He is patient with my mistakes, but also challenges me to keep moving forward. Try it out. You won’t be sorry!" (Idaho, USA)


"Dr. Hall (Cory) has been teaching both my daughter and me piano. He has made our journey learning the piano together a very pleasurable and fun one. It is our most favorite part of the week! He never ceases to amaze me with his vast knowledge about every subject area in the piano...including details about the lives of composers, really understanding how music should be played, the different periods of music and with what style each song was meant to be played, analyzing chords, signs...any question about music, he can answer. His style of teaching works so well for children and adults. He is very personable and he is always cheerful and happy during the lessons. He is encouraging and works with you at your individual level. He explains music in a way that is easy to understand. He can break apart any difficult or daunting song into small, practice-friendly parts and then puts it all back together again in a way that only he can do. By the time you have finished a song with him, you are able to understand and have a vast knowledge of dynamics, notes, style, etc. I come away from each lesson feeling enlightened. My daughter loves her time with Dr. Hall. He always makes her feel so good about how she is playing and performing, she has never been nervous in front of him. We are so grateful for the treasure we found in Dr. Hall and hope to be taking from him for many, many years to come. Dr. Hall, you must NEVER stop teaching!" (Nevada, USA)


"I played piano from age 11 to 23 when I had to quit due to tendinitis caused by many years of bad piano technique. I was attending a professional school of music for many years where I was taught by magnificent pianists, but unfortunately, who were terrible teachers. Some years later, I began playing the piano again after my daughter brought to my attention Cory’s performances and web site. Cory has a unique quality as a pianist and teacher. He is of course an excellent pianist, but what is more, he can explain things to less talented pianists so simply and clearly that will dramatically advance one’s piano skills. He has a highly effective approach piano technique which I have never heard before from any other teacher. In addition, Cory is also kind, patient, and honest with his students. I have been taking piano lessons for nine months since writing this testimonial and I intend to continue taking lessons with him as long as I can. It is the best money I have ever spent!" (Gibraltar)


"It is with esteemed pleasure that I convey my sincere thanks to you, Cory, for working with my son. You impart knowledge with strong pedagogical and clinical skills on the piano. Since you started working with my son, you have engaged his critical thinking and perception of the repertoire on a higher level. He has been so thrilled to have the privilege to work with you. A good teacher imparts knowledge with passion and love. He feels that when you two work on Skype. Your love for music and the piano is transmitted to your student to reflect growth, and he is experiencing that matured growth as a serious musician, already! He looks forward with excitement to his lessons, because he knows he is gaining expert approach to his playing and theory as well. As a father, I always want “The Best” for my son and since you started working with him, he has gained a lot of confidence. He believes that you have the key to help him reach his aspirations, coupled with his own determination and hard work. Thanks!" (New Jersey, USA)


"I never imagined that I could learn piano on skype, but Cory Hall changed my opinion on that subject. From the very first lesson, it was like having Cory sitting next to me. He can easily see what I’m doing and offer guidance on the correct way to do things. Cory is very skilled at detecting where I need help the most and always comes up with the solution to my problems, usually before I even know I have a problem. Cory is patient and communicates very well. He seems to have a sixth sense about where to go in the progression of learning. The real test is whether or not my own playing has advanced since starting lessons with Cory. I have improved a great deal in the few months since starting these lessons and I can see a great path ahead that before meeting Cory, held only roadblocks. I highly recommend Cory and his Skype lessons to anyone needing piano instruction." (Colorado, USA)


"Dr. Cory Hall knows how to teach piano to people like myself without any musical background. His piano knowledge is grounded on the highest academic background in piano and his teaching skills have enabled me to learn piano quicker than I thought possible. Based on my experience so far, Cory knows how he should teach a student based on individual student’s learning ability. In addition to using a piano text book, he has researched and developed many skills and other online resources his students can learn from and practice! Also, learning piano through Skype has given me tremendous flexibility in terms of time." (California, USA)


"I discovered Dr. Cory Hall on YouTube and immediately admired him for his technique, control, relaxed manner and clear articulation that he demonstrates on each performance. I wanted to play like that, but I was already 30 years old and had only been dabbling at the piano a year or two, teaching myself to play. Once I learned that he was available for lessons via Skype, I was excited but skeptical. Would he really be able to study me critically, correct my posture, enhance my technique and provide useful feedback from across the country? The results were incredible — I began to notice significant improvement after the first two months. The first few lessons were like a clinic for correcting bad habits and replacing them with proper ones. Dr. Hall got to know my goals for piano and provided me with sheet music recommendations tailored to my tastes and ability. Soon he had me drilling all sorts of brilliant exercises that improved my skill level quite rapidly. I began to feel like a musician as I impressed my friends and family with my new abilities. If you’re thinking about taking piano lessons, but you’re not sure if it would be a good fit for you, I strongly recommend that you make an informed decision by taking advantage of his beginner’s discount package and then deciding whether or not you notice improvement under his instruction. That’s what I did and I’m thrilled to receive professional guidance from the convenience of my own home." (Montana, USA)


"Dr. Cory Hall is without a doubt one of the best Skype piano teachers in the world! Our son, aged 8, started learning the piano just under two years ago. As he seemed to progress very quickly we looked on the internet for a Skype teacher who specialized in advanced repertoire, to supplement his piano lessons in school. Our son started lessons with Cory in May 2013 and sat for his grade 8 ABRSM exams in July 2013. He passed his exam with Merit having spent under 3 months preparing for the exam. He could not have done it without Cory’s amazing guidance. Cory is currently preparing him for his diploma (in ABRSM) exams. We highly recommend Cory Hall; his methods of teaching are simply exceptional, he is very patient and makes the lessons such fun that our son is never satisfied at the end of a lesson and often asks to have extra/longer lessons! We have tried Skype lessons in the past within the U.K. but nothing compares to Cory’s lessons. Cory is also such a brilliant pianist who can play any piece, therefore able to show our son exactly how a piece should be played. All you need is a fast broadband connection and it feels as if Cory is in the room with you. Having been previously skeptical about the merits of Skype lessons we can certainly vouch for Cory Hall’s Skype lessons. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Cory Hall for everything he has done and for the inspiration and hours of enjoyment he provides to our son." (England, UK)


"As a beginner with very little music experience I have found Cory’s lessons to be very effective. He keeps the lessons moving in the musical direction I want to go, and his infectious love of music makes them truly engaging." (Florida, USA)


"Cory makes piano lessons fun!! He is easy to talk to and gives guidance and explanations where needed. I am very much in the early stages of learning and appreciate his patience and encouragement. I know that becoming proficient takes time and thanks to Cory I’m enjoying the journey." (Florida, USA)


"Cory is a brilliant musician with an abundance of knowledge in all styles from baroque to modern. He has really helped me bring my music to life and given me the inspiration to practice again. As someone with my own personal goals as a musician, I feel like Cory will help me achieve those goals. Anyone who has thought about taking lessons at some point should strongly consider the guidance that Cory can give." (Texas, USA)


"I really admire the way Cory teaches the piano. He is also a very nice person and he really shows interest and concern for all your questions. I didn’t know if taking piano lessons via Skype was going to be effective, but it has really improved my piano skills. I highly recommend to all those interested in improving their piano skills that taking classes with Cory is the best option! His classes are very interesting!" (Florida, USA)


"Cory is a wonderful pianist and a fantastic piano teacher. I returned to playing the piano after 20 years not playing (at the age of 32). At first I was sceptical of on-line piano lessons using skype but any concerns I had were quickly dispelled after my trial lesson. After only a couple of lessons I noticed an appreciable difference in my piano technique and my habits. There is no way I could get such an experienced/expert teacher in my local region; I would recommend Cory to anyone who is serious about improving their piano." (Brisbane, Australia)"As a teacher, Cory has shown himself to be passionate in his work and patient with his students, and with his encouragement I feel that I can make progress and reach that elusive new level. Cory is my living hero (apart from J.S. Bach and Glenn Gould)." (Sydney, Australia)


"I’ve been following Cory on YouTube since 2009 and learned a lot from his tutorials and videos. When I found out that private lesson were available via Skype, I immediately contacted him to sign up! I was initially a bit concerned on how effective remote lessons would be; but it turned out that Cory is fantastic and is able to follow me via web cam as much as any other teacher do in person. His attention to the music and fingering is amazing (considering is done via web cam) and he is able to immediately spot mistakes and provide corrective input. But what I really enjoy the most is that Cory has tailored the lessons based on my skills, level and music interest; he has given me fun exercises that are specific in improving my technique and provided me with valuable input on how to better play ragtime." (Italian living in Washington, USA)


"I started learning piano, as many in this modern age, by just watching tutorials online and trying to practice on my own. After a year I was pretty frustrated of not seeing my skills improving very much. I needed some guidance, but after trying some local piano teacher they didn’t convey me the passion for classical music as much as I demanded. I knew the Bach Scholar channel on YouTube, is among the first ones when it comes to classical and many other genres of music, in terms of quality and execution. When I discovered that Cory Hall was giving lessons trough Skype I didn’t hesitate once to sign up and try. The results are astonish, I improved more in the last months than in the last year. Cory will teach you simple and effective exercise and review them with you each week. I feel his passion and mastery of every advice he gives me and I could not be more happy to have the chance to be one of his apprentice. Grazie Maestro!" (Italian living in California, USA)