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We publish the world's finest classical piano music for digital printing and e-reading, offer publishing services for composers, and offer worldwide piano lessons via Skype.   

lessons via skype

Visit our lessons page to learn about piano lessons! Cory's performances and tutorials have been enjoyed by an audience of over 20 million viewers on YouTube. One of the world's leading piano pedagogues with over 30 years' teaching experience, Cory ("Dr. Hall"), teaches students worldwide via Skype along with his wife, Marilyn, who have a combined 50 years' teaching experience!

Also visit our testimonials page to find out what people are saying!

digital piano music

Visit our catalog to browse our library of classical piano music for digital printing and e-reading. Classical music is our specialty! Our music editions are expertly laid-out and customized for students, teachers, and serious performers. Our piano editions are PDF formatted for e-readers (computers, tablets, phones), and best yet, all music is printable!

If you are a composer/arranger interested in publishing your music, visit our guidelines page to learn more.

About BachScholar

CLICK HERE for a newspaper article about us! Above is a photo of a beautiful, Victorian home built in 1888 (in Plattsburg, Missouri), which is our home/business. BachScholar™ publishes classical piano sheet music and offers worldwide piano instruction via Skype. BachScholar™ is owned and operated by Cory and his wife, Marilyn, who have a combined 50 years' piano teaching experience!

Visit our about page to learn more about Cory, Marilyn, and BachScholar's history.

Handcrafted Music for the Digital Age

BachScholar™ is dedicated to producing and publishing classical piano music for digital printing and e-reading. Classical music is our specialty! Many digital sheet music sites are known for their cheap and carelessly typesetted music (especially the ubiquitous "free" sheet music that inevitably finds its way to the trash can). Not so at BachScholar™! 

Our manuscripts are carefully handcrafted especially for students, teachers, and serious performers. We sweat the details: generous margins, legible staves, and intelligent organization. The result is the world's most beautiful sheet music – clean and crisp. What is more, all titles are instantly downloadable in simple PDF format – no special apps or programs required.

Visit our catalog to browse our current publications. Students, teachers, and scholars will especially cherish our new Historical Editions Series, which publishes facsimiles of excellent editions from the past, as well as our new Technique & Pedagogy Series, which publishes studies and exercises. 

If you are a composer/arranger interested in publishing your piano music, visit our guidelines page to learn more.