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(FREE) Well-Rounded Pianist Library

This page offers mostly free collections of sheet music and PDFs of pedagogical material recommended or used on BachScholar’s subscription website, “The Well-Rounded Pianist.” Join WRP today and learn piano from Dr. Cory!


All the music on this page is highly recommended for learning to read music, sight-reading, and just plain enjoyment. The collections here, listed in mostly chronological order, represent some of the finest piano music and pedagogical works for piano students and teachers!

PACHELBEL: Canon in D (arr. Lyapunov)


PACHELBEL: Canon in D (arr. Lyapunov)


Members of “The Well-Rounded Pianist” may download this edition for free with WRP’s promo code!

CLICK HERE to join “The Well-Rounded Pianist” and learn this beautiful version of the famous “Canon in D” with a series of helpful tutorials!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Consists of 4 printable pages. This edition presents Sergei Lyapunov’s excellent and rich arrangement of Johann Pachelbel’s famous “Canon in D” edited and slightly modified by Cory Hall. It is essentially identical to Piano Street’s free edition, which can be found online, with some slight modifications which include: more consistent articulation markings, more specific dynamic instructions, and a different note and chord here and there. No fingerings are provided; however, the tutorials on WRP clearly explain fingering with an overhead camera view.

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