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The Well-Rounded Pianist

On this page, you may learn about BachScholar’s exciting and educational subscription website, “The Well-Rounded Pianist.” If you want to learn all aspects of piano or become a better pianist but don’t want to pay “an arm and a leg” for lessons, then WRP is the place for you!

The Well-Rounded Pianist:  An Excellent Resource for Students & Teachers

(Please scroll down this page to watch the two introductory videos!)

I am writing this article in December 2018, which is at the end of the first full calendar year of the inception of the educational and comprehensive subscription website, The Well-Rounded Pianist (WRP), a subsidiary of WRP began in September 2017 (after almost a year of planning and brainstorming), which was the month BachScholar’s best-selling book Sight-Reading & Harmony (Complete Edition) was released. WRP has grown substantially since its beginnings in both its scope of video content and number of members, and at the time of this writing while doing BachScholar’s yearly bookkeeping I discovered that WRP had tripled in number of subscriptions from happy members throughout the world! This is testimony to the success and efficacy of this new and exciting subscription website made especially for all levels of piano students and teachers.    

Piano apps and instructional piano websites have taken the world by storm over the last decade or so. The bad news is that almost none of them work. Popular sights like Udemy and Piano Marvel and virtually all of the leading piano apps teach pianists how to play “notes,” which is basically all these sites and apps teach. As a serious piano teacher, this really infuriates me. If piano students are content on simply “learning notes” void of expression and feeling, then WRP is a useless website made in vain and there is no need to read any further. If pianists are content on merely “learning notes” and nothing else, then WRP has been an utter waste of time and may as well be discontinued; however, if pianists desire to go beyond “notes” and venture into territory seldom covered by most other subscription piano websites, then WRP is the place to be!

For only $12.95 a month -- set it and forget it auto-pay -- or an easy yearly payment for 20% off this already low rate, students and teachers get a plethora of educational tools seldom found in any of the leading gimmicky apps or trendy subscription websites:

  • 24/7 access to a current total of over 1500 videos not publicly available on YouTube

  • New content uploaded weekly (most weeks out of the year) -- at least five times more videos uploaded to WRP weekly than to the BachScholar® YouTube Channel

  • Efficient system of organization (based on folders and sub-folders) vs. endlessly searching through thousands of YouTube tutorials (many from unqualified teachers)

  • Real piano tutorials from an experienced piano teacher with over 35 years' experience who teaches all aspects of expression and economy of motion -- no apps or robots that teach only “notes” at the expense of more important expressive and technical issues

  • Over 900 tutorials accompanying Dr. Hall's best-selling book, Sight-Reading & Harmony

  • Tutorials on The BachScholar® Piano Method (in progress)

  • In-depth tutorials on standard piano repertoire from all style periods

  • BachScholar's incredibly popular and practical “Super Slow” tutorial series discontinued on YouTube, but now made exclusively for WRP

  • Ragtime Academy -- from one of the world's leading interpreters of classic ragtime 

  • Music theory videos & lectures on a college-grade whiteboard — from an experienced composer/arranger and expert in music theory

  • Vintage live footage videos of Great Pianists of Yesteryear

  • Weekly newsletter listing all new content uploaded

  • Links to free sheet music for many tutorials

  • Member requests for tutorials

Join The Well-Rounded Pianist today and become a better pianist!

Join The Well-Rounded Pianist today and become a better pianist!

Sincerely, Cory Hall (D.M.A.) — January 2019