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Sight-Reading with Piano Marvel's SASR

In “Part 2” of “The Art of Sight-Reading,” Dr. Hall gives a thorough review of Piano Marvel’s “Standard Assessment of Sight-Reading” (SASR). The article is still in progress (as of this writing — May, 2019), so please check back soon for updates!

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Test Your Sight-Reading with Piano Marvel’s SASR (requires electronic keyboard)

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Early in 2019 I was contacted by the organizers of the popular website and app “Piano Marvel” (PM) to review their impressive and unique “Standard Assessment of Sight-Reading” (SASR) app. At the time, I had heard about PM and had some private students of mine mention the site (as they were also members of PM), but I did not know much about PM aside from hearing a lot about it. Being that my Sight-Reading & Harmony (SR&H) book and system had since 2017 gained considerable popularity and SASR already been at least two years in the running, it was obviously a perfect partnership. I am honored to be a contributor and consultant to PM, and especially to SASR, and in this article I intend to give SASR a thorough review. My first impression of the technology is quite impressive, and in the coming months I will have time to investigate SASR and offer my thoughts here on this page and on YouTube videos……..Please check back later for updates!

RECENT UPDATE (May 9, 2019): A supplemental volume, Sample Exams for SR&H, is due to be released soon, sometime in the Summer of 2019. It will contain four sample exams for each Grade (Grades 1-10) as well as the “Master of Harmony” course of study. Currently, PM programmers are hard at work uploading and preparing the content from this book (a total of 40 exams, or 4 for each of the Grades 1-10) to their SASR app so that pianists may practice their sight-reading from SR&H material in progressive gradations of difficulty. I will let you know as soon as all the sample exams are live and ready to be practiced. In the meantime, I invite you to join Piano Marvel at a 20% discount using my own personal discount code: Bach.

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