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Sheet Music

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Liszt: Scales in Chords


Liszt: Scales in Chords


•  Scales in Chords, by Franz Liszt, for solo piano (Level 6+), includes introductory essay and practice tips, 4 pages of music.
•  Printable e-reader edition, high-quality PDF good for a lifetime.
•  Staves up to an inch longer than conventional sheet music. Easy to read!

Perhaps the greatest pianist of all time, Franz Liszt (1811-1886), composed several collections of Technical Exercises for the Piano for his students throughout his long career.  One of the most useful and beneficial of these exercises is Scales in Chords, which harmonizes major and minor scales with full, four-note chords spanning octaves. Practicing Scales in Chords on a regular basis is guaranteed to boost pianists' chord-playing technique, control of arm weight, mastery of pedal, and several other technical areas to the highest degree. Edited and fingered by Dr. Cory Hall.

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