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Other Classical Composers

Here you may find piano works by various classical composers (other than Bach) arranged alphabetically by last name, all instantly downloadable in printable PDFs. Most titles on this page belong to BachScholar's "Historical Editions" series, which present quality older editions in the public domain (from "imslp") that have been selected, cleaned up (all smudges erased) and correctly skewed (crooked margins straightened up). These editions have been selected due to their classic, enduring quality as well as high pedagogical value and usefulness.  

SCHUMANN: Kinderszenen, Op. 15 (ed. Kühner)


SCHUMANN: Kinderszenen, Op. 15 (ed. Kühner)


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Kinderszenen, Op. 15, by Robert Schumann, for solo piano, 14 pages. Schumann's beloved and popular Scenes From Childhood, Op. 15, is presented here in arguably the finest early edition, ca. 1880, published by Henry Litolff (1818-1891) and edited by Conrad Kühner (1848-1903). Henry Litolff (1818-1890) was an English piano virtuoso whose edition is distinguished by fine engraving, impeccable detail, and excellent readability, making it the ideal performance edition. Contents include:

1. Of Foreign Lands and Peoples
2. A Curious Story
3. Blind Man’s Bluff
4. Pleading Child
5. Happy Enough
6. An Important Event
7. Dreaming
8. At the Fireside
9. Knight of the Hobbyhorse
10. Almost Too Serious
11. Frightening
12. Child Falling Asleep
13. The Poet Speaks

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