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Our Music Editions

On this page, you may learn more about BachScholar® Editions and its founder and editor-in-chief, Dr. Cory Hall.


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ABOUT BACHSCHOLAR PUBLISHING: BachScholar Publishing, LLC (BSP) was established in 2012 by Cory Hall (D.M.A.). Dr. Hall’s world-wide renown on YouTube as a performer and teacher of Bach to Ragtime (since 2008) naturally made the BachScholar® website a popular place for teachers and students as well as the entire YouTube piano community to procure piano sheet music. From the very beginning and still today, the motto of BSP was “Quality Reigns Supreme.” Dr. Hall noticed in the early 2000s up to the establishment of BSP in 2012 that digital sheet music on the internet was very often of poor quality (unprofessional manuscript quality, difficult to read, etc.), which prompted Dr. Hall to his mission of providing pianists with classically oriented digital sheet music of the highest quality. Thus, for the first six years the focus of BSP was solely on the production of digital publications, instant downloads from this website. In 2018, BSP procured an agent, Subito Music Corporation, as the sole printer and distributor of BSP publications. This made it possible for BSP to expand into the hardcopy realm of publishing in addition to still providing high-quality digital publications downloadable directly from this website. Since May 2018, Dr. Hall has been hard at work transferring most of the BSP digital publications catalogue to hardcopy books and sheet music folios. This is not an easy task, since all music needs to be re-edited and re-formatted for 9” by 12” pages, which is the standard for hardcopy music books. (In contrast, digital sheet music is typically formatted for 8.5” by 11” pages). Dr. Hall is a perfectionist and a fastidious editor. As a result of Dr. Hall’s striving for perfection and detail, BSP hardcopy books and sheet music folios possess some of the highest quality manuscripts in the world today, which rival that of the great publishers such as Henle and Peters (two of the highest quality editions in Dr. Hall’s opinion). In fact, Dr. Hall used Henle and Peters editions as a model for BSP’s “house style” developed in 2012. Currently, in 2018 as this is being written, it can be said with certainty that BSP produces some of the highest quality and esthetically appealing musical manuscripts in the world. This can easily be seen by comparing a BachScholar® book with that of any other publisher — Quality Reigns Supreme! Not only is Dr. Hall a perfectionist and fastidious editor, but his wide range of interests and many areas of expertise make it possible for BSP to produce original and innovative titles for pianists, organists, and scholars. BSP is not your average music publisher, but is on the cutting edge of quality and content. Do not be fooled by the simple, minimalist white and black covers, since what lies within is musical beauty and craftsmanship at its finest! BachScholar’s mission is to provide pianists, organists, students, teachers, and scholars with the highest quality books and resources for their learning and development.

ABOUT BSP’S NUMBERING SYSTEM: Customers who have purchased a BachScholar® Edition in its newest format may have noticed that each volume has a number on the upper right-hand corner of the cover and inside cover pages and back cover page. These numbers are really of no use to the average consumer, but merely makes it much easier for cataloguing on BachScholar’s end. All even volume numbers are hardcopy books, currently printed and distributed by Subito Music Corporation, while all odd volume numbers are E-books (high-quality, non-printable PDFs for iPads and tablets) available for instant download on this website. Other than the even numbers denoting hardcopies and the odd numbers denoting E-books and the latter being typically half the price of the former, there is absolutely no difference between the two. BSP is unique in that every hardcopy book or folio is available in both print and digital versions. Not very many publishers can claim this. By the way, BSP’s idea of volume numbers came directly from the ubiquitous Schirmer editions (i.e., the yellow books that almost every musician has in his/her library). Every Schirmer edition is assigned a volume number, and it is this simple yet practical concept of volume numbers that BSP has adopted.


ABOUT CORY HALL: Cory Hall was born in Palo Alto, California in 1963, the year his father earned a masters degree in statistics from Stanford University. In 1969, Cory’s family moved from Los Altos to Davis, California, and shortly thereafter, Cory began classical piano lessons. Cory begged for piano lessons and was never forced or bribed. He has vivid memories of his father hacking his way through pieces by Zez Confrey on their old spinet piano, which he has learned as a teenager in the 1940s. (Cory’s father was offered music scholarships in tuba upon entering college in the early 1950s, however, he chose instead to major in physics. As a result, he always remained a “piano hack” who never studied music seriously.) This early exposure to Zez Confrey ultimately laid the foundation for Cory’s life-long love of ragtime and early jazz. In addition, Cory’s obsession with the popular Switched On Bach record from the 1970s (which he wore out by playing about a million times) laid the foundation for his life-long love of the music of J.S. Bach. As a teenager in the 1970s during the “ragtime revival” era, Cory began his life-long fascination and love of ragtime and especially the music of Scott Joplin and Zez Confrey, which explains why BSP — a supposedly “serious” publisher devoted only to Bach — is so devoted to the publishing of ragtime and early jazz. Since 2008 on YouTube, Cory has become the most prominent and most-watched performer of Scott Joplin in the world and is considered by many to be the finest interpreter of classic ragtime music. Cory went on to earn bachelors (CSU Sacramento), masters (Eastman School of Music), and doctoral (University of Kansas) degrees in piano performance as well as a masters degree in historical musicology (University of Kansas). His major piano professors include Gene Savage, Thomas Gentry, David Burge, and Richard Reber. In addition, he has participated in master classes by the following professors: Daniel Pollack, Bradford Gowen, Robert Shannon, Nelita True, Claude Frank, John Perry, Abbey Simon. In 1988-1991, between the earning of his masters and doctoral degrees, Cory taught piano in Germany where he became fluent in German and became immersed in German culture. Since 1998, Cory has lived in Florida (Tampa Bay Area) where he has been an adjunct professor of music and humanities at two local colleges (St. Petersburg College from 1999-2010, Eckerd College from 2006-2009) and church organist (United Methodist, 2001-2011) as well as private piano teacher from home. By 2012, Cory had resigned from all his posts to focus on his new business, BachScholar®, where he quickly became one of the most sought-after piano teachers in the world (via Skype) and where he could devote the rest of his energies to the development of the BachScholar® brand of books and sheet music. Cory currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife Marilyn and two step-children (teenagers), Matthew and Lily. In August 2018, Marilyn (who has 25 years’ experience as piano teacher as well as some experience playing clarinet, violin, and cello) was appointed Associate Director of Music at Grace Lutheran Church & School and Cory was appointed as organist for Sunday services and pianist for Saturday evening services. Cory and Marilyn are currently active members of Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS). A “jack of all trades” with boundless energy, Cory teaches piano all around the world via Skype, continues to churn out YouTube videos (with a current total of over 1100 videos that have a total of over 46 million views, and over 95,000 subscribers around the world), maintains and grows his piano subscription website (, serves as church organist, composes and arranges piano music, and produces books and sheet music for BSP where he is editor-in-chief and master music engraver who uses Sibelius music software. Other than producing YouTube videos and serving as church organist and pianist, Cory rarely performs publicly and never has been a “concert pianist.” Instead, Cory’s energies are devoted to education, music editing, and publishing. Cory is also an avid jogger and fitness enthusiast.      

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(Revised, November 2018)

You are invited to view ten samples of Cory’s YouTube performances (selected from his over 1100 YouTube videos):

  1. Nun komm der Heiden Heiland by J.S. Bach (transcribed by Busoni)

  2. Nocturne in B-flat Minor (Op. 9, No. 1) by Frédéric Chopin

  3. Bohemian Dance No. 6 by Bedrich Smetana

  4. Original Rags by Scott Joplin

  5. Fig Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin

  6. Espalhafatoso by Ernesto Nazareth

  7. Charleston Chuckles by Zez Confrey

  8. Cory’s own arrangement of Puttin’ on the Ritz by Irving Berlin

  9. Complete performance of Cory’s 10 Chorale Preludes for Piano (Book 1) based on Bach four-part chorales

  10. A Mighty Fortress Gospel Rag, from Cory’s 10 Chorale Preludes for Piano (Book 2) — (not yet published)