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Our Music Editions

As of May 1, 2018, the selling agent (printing and distribution) for our hardcopy books is Subito Music Corporation. To order any of our hardcopy publications, CLICK HERE!


Classical music is our specialty! BachScholar Publishing, LLC, was founded in 2012 and published its first titles in September of that year. Thus, we are still a young company in our beginning stages with much room for growth. We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves on the utmost quality and high standards we have set in the world of digital sheet music whose quality has been continually eroding since its beginnings in the late 1990s. Nowadays "digital sheet music" and "instant download," unfortunately, have become synonymous with "poor quality." But it does not have to be this way. We at BachScholar® are in the midst of changing this stigma. 

In this day and age where mass-marketing and cheap digital sheet music are so commonplace, a company like BachScholar™ comes as a pleasant surprise. Our goal is to produce the finest digital print and e-reader friendly sheet music one can buy and offer it at better prices than anywhere else. For example, most of the titles that we offer for $3.95 (such as a Joplin Rag or Chopin Étude) cost $5.50 at the world's #1 digital sheet music mill (who boasts of having 300,000 titles). Moreover, their quality is hideous while ours is superb.  We specialize in classical, ragtime, and some jazz styles and our catalog is constantly expanding. We are also registered with ASCAP and BMI as a music publisher, a service that virtually no digital sheet music mill today offers. (If you are a composer or arranger interested in our publishing services, please click here.)

We have the finest looking and best formatted sheet music on the internet, guaranteed -- and what is more -- it may be printed as well as viewed on all types of e-readers. No special apps or programs are required with our sheet music -- all you need is a basic PDF reader such as Adobe's. One characteristic that makes the formatting of our sheet music stand out above the norm is the margins. Most digital sheet music producers shrink down their staff sizes often leaving a full inch margin on either side. This makes reading their scores difficult and is a waste of paper space. We do not do this. Instead, we expand the staff sizes leaving only about half an inch margin on either side thus adding a full inch length to the staves. The result is the most legible and eye-friendly digital sheet music available today. Also, we do not stamp every page of sheet music with the invasive phrase "Registered to Your Name" as does the world's #1 sheet music mill, stamp every page with our .com address or company logo, or "dumb down" the fonts and appearances of the music as do most other digital sheet music establishments. Finally, with us you get to keep the PDF you paid for (and use it forever) while with other digital sheet music establishments you must print your sheet music instantly because they never supply you with your own PDF.

Many lay-people are not aware of the drastic differences in quality that are present in today's digital sheet music. A good example of excellent quality versus poor quality can be seen by comparing BachScholar's engraving and typesetting with that of the world's #1 sheet music mill:

BachScholar® is owned and operated by classical pianists who grew up and were nurtured on the great hard-copy editions such as Henle, Peters, and Schirmer. Unfortunately, when the digital sheet music boom began in the late 1990s this old-world quality was instantly lost due to improper formatting and lack of professional standards. It seems that no digital sheet music producer at this time, and even very few today, could rival in their digital sheets what Henle, Peters, or Schirmer did with their quality hard-copy editions. There is no need to look any further because BachScholar® has finally done it! At BachScholar®, no longer is "digital" or "instant download" synonymous with "cheap" as is so often the case today. 

Sincerely, Cory Hall (D.M.A.) -- January, 2015