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Lesson Policies

Revised November, 2016. Please email Cory at with any questions not addressed in this list. CLICK HERE for a printable PDF version of this page.


Cory Hall (D.M.A.)



  • D.M.A. in Piano Performance, University of Kansas
  • M.M. in Musicology (Music History), University of Kansas
  • M.M. in Performance and Literature (Piano), Eastman School of Music
  • B.M. in Piano Performance, California State University, Sacramento

ACComplishments & professional Affiliations

  • Since September 2008, one of the top classical pianists on YouTube with nearly 900 videos, over 65,000 subscribers, and over 32 million total views
  • Since 2008, the world’s #1 performer of ragtime and the music of Scott Joplin
  • International piano lessons exclusively via Skype since September, 2012
  • Independent piano teacher in the U.S. and Germany; employed at two colleges (see below); total of over 30 years’ teaching experience 
  • Member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), since 1994
  • Former adjunct professor at St. Petersburg College (music, piano, humanities) & Eckerd College (piano and choir accompanying); 11 years’ experience
  • Former organist at Anona United Methodist Church in Largo, Florida; 10 years’ experience


  • It has been proven time and time again through scientific studies that music study is one of the best things a child can do for his/her overall development. Everyone knows this. All children should attempt to study music for at least a year or two and give a fair chance to learning a musical instrument or singing. Children who have special interests and talent for music and piano should by all means be given the opportunity to study with a qualified teacher. Parents who claim they can’t afford lessons should first see if this is really true by adding up all the money spent on eating out and other unnecessary forms of entertainment. Most adults spend much more on eating in restaurants and alcoholic beverages every month than on what it would cost to afford piano lessons for their child. A child’s mind and future is a terrible thing to waste!
  • Children are not the only ones who benefit from music lessons. Roughly 60% of all Cory’s piano students are adults 40 and over. In fact, some of Cory’s finest and most dedicated students are middle-aged and older adults whose quality of lives have dramatically improved since beginning piano lessons or continuing piano lessons after a 30-year or more hiatus from lessons when they were much younger. CLICK HERE for a fascinating article about adults learning music!  
  • In addition to improving mental functions and quality of life, piano lessons with Cory has a distinct advantage that virtually nobody else in the world offers that is, the opportunity to perform for the entire world on the immensely popular BachScholar® YouTube channel. All of Cory’s students have the opportunity to have their performances and live lessons uploaded to the BachScholar® YouTube channel for the world to enjoy. This takes the place of the annual recitals most traditional teachers offer for their students. CLICK HERE for a playlist of some of Cory's talented and hardworking students around the world!


  • Cory teaches all ages and levels and all lessons are held via Skype. Currently, his youngest student is 7 and his oldest is 81. The average age of Cory’s entire student body is 33, showing that middle-aged and older adults form the nuts and bolts of his teaching business. He has taught students from roughly 30 nations worldwide and in over 30 states in America. Cory is currently one of the world’s most in-demand piano teachers for classical and ragtime music. Cory is not a jazz pianist and aside from ragtime and some other early jazz styles, he does not teach traditional or modern jazz piano and/or any style that uses improvising and lead sheets.No forms are needed. To schedule your trial lesson (always 60% off!) and to reserve your usual weekly time, please email Cory along with your schedule and time zone to the above email address.
  • No forms are needed. To schedule your trial lesson (always 60% off!) and to reserve your usual weekly time, please email Cory along with your schedule and time zone to the above email address.
  • Cory’s hours of teaching are according to Eastern U.S. Time: Monday-Friday (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., lesson ending no later than 9:00 p.m.), Saturday (8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., lesson ending at 2:00 p.m.), no lessons on Sunday. 
  • The following seven days are always taken off every year, which are the most important bank holidays in America: New Years’ Day (January 1), Easter (March or April, date varies), Memorial Day (last Monday of May), Independence Day (July 4), Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November), Christmas Eve & Christmas (December 24-25).
  • Should Cory become sick and not able to teach or absent for any reason, he will make-up or reschedule all students’ lessons who are affected. If this is not possible due to heavy scheduling, then the student will be credited for the missed lesson in the next month’s payment.
  • Due to Cory’s extremely demanding and busy teaching schedule, and, due to not being employed at a large institution that grants extensive holidays, Cory does not have the luxury of taking long holidays or vacations. With the exception of the bank holidays listed above (which are included in the monthly fees), Cory usually takes a week off (unpaid) per year at the most. This week varies, in which case all students will be notified through email.
  • Books and materials all vary according to the student’s level and needs. Normally, Cory will send the students or their parents links for whatever books they should order so that Cory and the student can work from the same book. Also, PDF exchanges are extremely quick and convenient. For example, either Cory or the student might scan a piece out of a book and email the PDF to the other party so that both can work from the same score. This is not copyright infringement as long as it is only a small portion of the book and that it is for educational and teaching purposes only.


  • Available lesson options are: 30 minutes (weekly) for 100 USD, 45 minutes (weekly) for 150 USD, 60 minutes (weekly) for 200 USD, bi-weekly or fortnightly (45 minutes for 75 USD or 60 minutes for 100 USD). Please consult with Cory for the best option for you or your child! (PLEASE NOTE: These slightly altered rates go into effect January 1, 2017.)
  • For his education, experience, and world-renown Cory’s rates are much lower than the U.S. average for piano teachers of the same caliber. These relatively low rates are planned so that exchange rates for international students remain fair and not too expensive. Cory could easily charge twice his current rates if he were teaching in Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City.
  • Payments are extremely simple and uncomplicated. Unless you are a new student, whose rate is pro-rated for the first month, all payments are submitted on a monthly basis via credit card (directly on the website) or PayPal (independent from website). All payments are due by the end of the month for the following month, preferably by the 30th (or 28th or 29th in February).
  • Monthly payments are calculated into four weekly lessons per month according to the 30, 45, or 60 minute options.
  • For months with five weeks, students get an extra lesson for FREE, which makes up for any of the bank holidays (see above under Registering & Scheduling) on which you may miss a lesson.
  • There are many students the world over waiting to study piano with Cory. If you pay late you are risking losing your time slot to another student. Please pay on time. It is tough to run a business in this day and age and it is even tougher when payments are habitually late. Students who habitually pay late will be dropped after the third month of paying late.

missed lessons & make-ups

  • Weekly lessons are the norm for piano lessons. It has been proven time and time again that students (regardless of age) learn and progress optimally with weekly lessons. Bi-weekly or fortnightly lessons are recommended only for extremely busy working adults who are disciplined enough to not procrastinate in their practice routines.
  • Your monthly payment reserves your time slot for the following month. If you are habitually late with payments, you will be dropped by the third month of paying late (see above under Registering & Scheduling).
  • Due to Cory’s extremely demanding and busy teaching schedule, and, due to the fact that he usually has a waiting list for new students, it is not possible for Cory to make-up or re-schedule lessons except when he is unable to teach due to appointments or illnesses (see above under Registering & Scheduling). In the past, before he had a waiting list, Cory was very lenient about this policy and was able to give make-ups and re-schedule lessons at students’ requests; however, this is no longer possible.
  • However, there are always exceptions. For example, if you are a working adult with a crazy work schedule that fluctuates, simply give Cory fair warning and he will try to accommodate your schedule on a monthly basis based on your particular case.
  • Cory does not take off from teaching piano in the summer months (June, July, August). Therefore, it is not recommended that students take summers off because they will very likely forfeit their time slot to another student and have to be put on a waiting list upon their return. Students who go away on holidays in the summer or any other time of year are required to pay their monthly fees or else they will very likely lose their time slot and have to be put on a waiting list upon their return. Like everyone, Cory has bills to pay. If all students took holidays and summers off without paying to retain their time slots, Cory would be out-of-business and standing in the unemployment line.

discontinuation of lessons

  • As much as Cory loves all his students and loves teaching them, it is a sad reality that virtually every student will quit sometime due to a variety of reasons. Cory requests that you please give at least two-weeks’ notice should you decide to discontinue lessons. Cory always wishes his former students the best in their musical futures, and never takes lesson discontinuations as personally insulting in any way!