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Lesson Policies

Revised December, 2018. Please email Cory at with any questions not addressed in this list. CLICK HERE for a printable PDF version of this page.


Cory Hall (D.M.A.), Marilyn HALL (M.S.)




  • SPRING SEMESTER (22 weeks:  Jan. 2 – June 1, one-week teacher holiday:  March 26-30)
  • SUMMER SEMESTER (9 weeks:  June 4 – Aug. 3, one-week teacher holiday:  July 2-7)
  • FALL/WINTER SEMESTER (21 weeks:  Aug. 6 – Dec. 31, two-week teacher holiday:  Dec. 24 – Jan. 5)

Cory & Marilyn teach 48 weeks out of 52 weeks for the 2018 calendar year. Should the schedule change due to unforeseen circumstances, students will be notified in advance and will be reimbursed or credited for lessons paid for, if applicable.  


  • 30-minute lessons (weekly):  $120.00
  • 45-minute lessons (weekly):  $180.00 -- MOST POPULAR!
  • 45-minute lessons (bi-monthly):  $90.00
  • 60-minute lessons (weekly):  $240.00
  • 60-minute lessons (bi-monthly):  $120.00


  • TEACHING HOURS:  Cory & Marilyn teach Monday – Friday (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. time) and normally do not teach Saturday except for make-ups or occasional rescheduling. No lessons are held on Sunday. The teaching and holiday schedule now corresponds to a three-semester plan (see above), although this does not affect the usual monthly lesson dues.
  • PAYMENTS:  Lesson payments are due by the end of the month for the following month. It is important that payments are received promptly on time. For months that have 30 days, the due date for the following month is the 30th, for months that have 31 days, the due date for the following month is the 31st, and for February the due date for March is the 28th.
  • RATES:  Lesson rates are calculated on an average of four-week months. In the case of five-week months, students receive one free lesson which compensates for the Federal Holidays in the U.S. when lessons are not held:  New Years’ Day (Jan. 1), Easter, Memorial Day (last Monday of May), Independence Day (July 4), Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November), Christmas Eve & Christmas (December 24-25).
  • CANCELATIONS:  If either Cory or Marilyn cancel lessons for any reason, then missed lessons will either be credited or made-up (usually on Saturday). Missed lessons by the student will not be made up or credited except for unusual circumstances (such as childbirth, deaths in the family, or other unavoidable emergencies).
  • PLEASE NOTE:  When Cory began the Piano Lessons via Skype business in 2012, he was lenient about payments and would allow students to “pay by the lesson” and take off for school activities or business trips without paying for missed lessons. This leniency is not possible any more. Now, students are required to pay for a full month in advance just as one would do for school tuition, gym memberships or other similar services.