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Piano Lessons via Skype

Dr. Cory Hall (aka, “Cory”) has 35 years’ piano teaching experience. He is currently #1 on Google under “piano lessons Skype.” Cory teaches traditional classical and ragtime styles, prepares students for passing ABRSM, TRINITY, RCM, and other testing programs, and teaches less competitive students how to have fun playing the piano. Cory and his wife Marilyn teach students of all ages and levels, ranging from ages 7 to 85, worldwide via Skype, from their home in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is never too late to learn piano and Skype is an ideal way to learn! If you would like to learn piano but cannot afford private lesson fees, BachScholar’s affiliated website THE WELL-ROUNDED PIANIST has been made just for you!  

Here's how it works (IN 3 STEPS)


1. Email Cory or Marilyn to schedule a convenient time. Please include in your email information about your experience in music, ALL your available times, plus your time zone and country:

3. Connect with Cory or Marilyn live via Skype from the convenience of your own piano.



2. Purchase an affordable lesson plan that meets your needs.    




Revolutionizing the Lesson Experience

BachScholar® is committed to providing the best lesson experience in the world. Students say private lessons are exciting, informative, laid-back and exactly what they needed to take their skills to the next level. The BachScholar® studio is designed to deliver hi-fidelity sonic articulation along with an adjustable camera angle so you understand exactly how to achieve the proper technique. If you enjoy watching his lessons on YouTube, just imagine the training that BachScholar® can provide when it's tailored to your individual needs and tastes.

What People Are Saying

Check out what what people are saying about BachScholar's lessons via Skype.

"I never imagined that I could learn piano on skype, but Cory Hall changed my opinion on that subject. From the very first lesson, it was like having Cory sitting next to me. He can easily see what I’m doing and offer guidance on the correct way to do things. Cory is very skilled at detecting where I need help the most and always comes up with the solution to my problems, usually before I even know I have a problem. Cory is patient and communicates very well. He seems to have a sixth sense about where to go in the progression of learning. The real test is whether or not my own playing has advanced since starting lessons with Cory. I have improved a great deal in the few months since starting these lessons and I can see a great path ahead that before meeting Cory, held only roadblocks. I highly recommend Cory and his Skype lessons to anyone needing piano instruction." (Colorado, USA)


"Dr. Cory Hall knows how to teach piano to people like myself without any musical background. His piano knowledge is grounded on the highest academic background in piano and his teaching skills have enabled me to learn piano quicker than I thought possible. Based on my experience so far, Cory knows how he should teach a student based on individual student’s learning ability. In addition to using a piano text book, he has researched and developed many skills and other online resources his students can learn from and practice! Also, learning piano through Skype has given me tremendous flexibility in terms of time." (California, USA)

"It is with esteemed pleasure that I convey my sincere thanks to you, Cory, for working with my son. You impart knowledge with strong pedagogical and clinical skills on the piano. Since you started working with my son, you have engaged his critical thinking and perception of the repertoire on a higher level. He has been so thrilled to have the privilege to work with you. A good teacher imparts knowledge with passion and love. He feels that when you two work on Skype. Your love for music and the piano is transmitted to your student to reflect growth, and he is experiencing that matured growth as a serious musician, already! He looks forward with excitement to his lessons, because he knows he is gaining expert approach to his playing and theory as well. As a father, I always want “The Best” for my son and since you started working with him, he has gained a lot of confidence. He believes that you have the key to help him reach his aspirations, coupled with his own determination and hard work. Thanks!" (New Jersey, USA)


"Cory is a brilliant musician with an abundance of knowledge in all styles from baroque to modern. He has really helped me bring my music to life and given me the inspiration to practice again. As someone with my own personal goals as a musician, I feel like Cory will help me achieve those goals. Anyone who has thought about taking lessons at some point should strongly consider the guidance that Cory can give." (Texas, USA)