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Cory Hall

Here you may browse original piano works, transcriptions, piano studies, and editions by BachScholar's founder and editor-in-chief, Dr. Cory Hall. For Hall's extensive bio, please click here and scroll down the page.


Toccata Mysterium


Toccata Mysterium


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Toccata Mysterium from 10 Biblical Portraits, Opus 1, by Cory Hall, for piano solo (levels 8+), 6 pages, duration ca. 4:15. Enter the Syrian desert ca. A.D. 45. The soon-to-be apostle Paul nears Damascus on his journey when a light from heaven flashes around him as he falls to the ground and hears a voice. This highly evocative and perpetual-motion-style Toccata (in A minor) evokes otherworldly images of desolation coupled with revelation — more specifically, the Apostle Paul's "Damascus Road" conversion. A truly unique virtuosic piano work, Toccata Mysterium is sure to eternally fascinate pianists and captivate listeners with its energy and mystery.

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