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Cory Hall

This page presents original piano works, transcriptions, piano studies, and editions by BachScholar's founder and editor-in-chief, Dr. Cory Hall. For Hall's extensive bio, please click here and scroll down the page. All listings on this page are instant download PDFs. For hardcopy books, please click the link below.


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"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" in Major & Minor (arr. Hall)


"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" in Major & Minor (arr. Hall)


ATTENTION (NO REFUNDS FOR DIGITAL ORDERS): This download consists of a high-quality, non-printable PDF for iPads, tablets, and computers. A hardcopy print version of this book can be ordered HERE from our distributing agent’s online store. If you order this by mistake thinking it is a printable PDF or a hardcopy book, you do not get a refund because it is your fault for not reading this important message.

ABOUT THIS BOOK: “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” in Major & Minor (8 pages) presents two rich, romantic-style concert arrangements of Bach’s famous chorale setting from Cantata No. 147. The most well-known piano version, by Myra Hess, is a literal transcription from the cantata, which not only presents several awkward and difficult technical challenges, but can easily sound dry and technical on the modern piano. Hall’s first arrangement in D-flat major is refreshingly different and original and less difficult to play than Hess’ version, making it more accessible to pianists by using more idiomatic fingerings and employing all five black keys. The second setting presents the same rich, romantic-style concert arrangement but in D minor instead of D-flat major. This minor-key version is strikingly expressive and original, which is guaranteed to mesmerize performers and listeners. Both major and minor-key arrangements of Bach’s famous Jesu are ideal for the teaching studio and concert hall for all grades from the intermediate through concert level.

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