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Christmas Music for Piano

This our current selection of Christmas music for piano! All listings on this page are instant download PDFs. For hardcopy books, please click the link below.


BACHSCHOLAR® BOOKS (PDF — instant download)!


"Jingle Bells" Through the Grades (ed. Hall)


"Jingle Bells" Through the Grades (ed. Hall)


ATTENTION (NO REFUNDS FOR DIGITAL ORDERS): This download consists of a high-quality, non-printable PDF for iPads, tablets, and computers. A hardcopy print version of this book can be ordered HERE from our distributing agent’s online store. If you order this by mistake thinking it is a printable PDF or a hardcopy book, you do not get a refund because it is your fault for not reading this important message.

ABOUT THIS BOOK: Jingle Bells Through the Grades (16 pages) presents a delightful set of eight pieces composed especially for piano students and teachers. Progressing through Grades 1 through 8, James Pierpont’s famous song is made a little more difficult from grade to grade mainly by the accompaniment styles and progression to mostly octaves in the later grades. The final piece, Grade 8, is an infectious and joyful “Jingle Bells Rag” in classic ragtime style.

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