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BachScholar® Books -- Instant Downloads

BOOKS & RESOURCES FOR PIANISTS & ORGANISTS: This page lists our current catalogue of BachScholar® Editions, which can all be ordered and shipped to you from our distributing agent’s two portals: AMAZON.COM or SUBITO MUSIC ONLINE STORE. The products listed below are high-quality, non-printable PDF editions (E-books) of these hardcopy books (excellent for iPads, tablets, phones, computer screens), which typically sell for half the price of the hardcopies. All our current titles are piano and keyboard oriented books with an emphasis on high-quality manuscripts, legibility, and usefulness for students, teachers, and performers. “Sight-Reading & Harmony” is currently the world’s #1 sight-reading system, and the three editions of Bach chorales edited for piano and keyboard are the only books of their kind in the world (excellent for performance, theory & sight-reading). Thank you for your interest in our books. We are always adding more titles to our catalogue, so please check back for new updates. CLICK HERE to browse our currently planned upcoming books for 2019 and 2020. CLICK HERE to learn more about the history and mission of BachScholar Publishing.

(FREE) BachScholar® Editions -- 2019 Catalogue


(FREE) BachScholar® Editions -- 2019 Catalogue


Please take our free catalogue for Spring 2019. It is a 11” by 17” PDF, which is oversized. For this reason, this catalogue is best NOT printed out, but rather, viewed on a large computer screen with a PDF reader.

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