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Books & Sheet Music In Progress

This page (always a work in progress) lists all the books and titles currently planned and in progress, which are projected to be completed and for sale in 2019 and 2020. Each title will be published as a hardcopy book or folio (usually the music book standard, 9” by 12”) printed and distributed by Subito Music Corporation, while the corresponding PDFs (E-books, instant downloads, great for iPads and tablets) will be sold on this website. Titles and themes are subject to change as they are developed further and approach official publication. We specialize in books and resources for pianists and organists (keyboard and theory type publications), and especially value useful and innovative studies that no other publishers offer. If you are keyboard and/or theory teacher or professor and/or experienced editor-composer-arranger who has an original and potentially marketable idea or compositions/arrangements and are looking for a publisher, you are welcome to email us your proposal for consideration. For more information about the history and mission of BachScholar Publishing, CLICK HERE.

Sincerely, Cory Hall (D.M.A.) — BachScholar® Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Developing Spider Fingers


Developing Spider Fingers


ATTENTION: This book is not for sale yet. It is shown here to display the cover page. Please DO NOT add to your cart. To be published sometime in 2019 or 2020.

ABOUT THIS BOOK: Developing Spider Fingers (by Cory Hall) consists of special exercises developed especially for the attainment of flexibility and maximizing hand spans. The author has an average sized hand and rather short and stumpy fingers, yet many years of practice has imbued him with the ability to stretch farther than less experienced pianists with larger hands and longer fingers. Thus, it is not necessarily the size of one’s hand and length of one’s fingers that determine stretching ability, but rather, how the apparatus is used. Practicing the prescribed exercises combined with strategic rotation of the wrists give pianists, regardless of hand and finger size, the “extra edge” to maximize flexibility and hand spans and to achieve “spider fingers.”

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