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Bach Chorales (FREE)

This page offers several dozen free samples of Bach chorales edited for piano in BachScholar's "Ultimate Piano Edition" format. This page also lists our current editions of Bach's chorales organized according to themes (i.e., Easy, Christmas, etc.). Several more volumes are planned to be released in the near future. Advantages to purchasing our edited volumes (in HC or PDF or both for a discount) are that fingerings (for the two-part versions) and metronome indications are supplied for all the chorales, which are presented in complete volumes according to themes and Bach's Lutheran church calendar. Your generous donation to the "Bach Chorale Project" is appreciated! (See link above.) 

(PDF) Sight-Reading & Harmony


(PDF) Sight-Reading & Harmony

  • Over 220 pages, high-quality non-printable PDF viewable on computer screens, iPads, tablets and phones
  • Officially registered (ISBN:  978-0-9991965-0-2)
  • Employs BachScholar's innovative and instructive 5-Tier System of Four-Part Hymns & Chorales™
  • Ideal for private keyboard instruction (piano, organ, harpsichord), college and university group piano classes, and theory/harmony/ear training classes
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