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Bach Chorales (FREE)

This page offers several dozen free samples of Bach chorales edited for piano in BachScholar's "Ultimate Piano Edition" format. This page also lists our current editions of Bach's chorales organized according to themes (i.e., Easy, Christmas, etc.). All listings on this page are instant download PDFs. As of May 1, 2018 the selling agent for our hardcopy publications is “Subito Music Corporation”. To order any of our hardcopy books, please CLICK HERE!

21 Lenten & Passion Chorales


21 Lenten & Passion Chorales


This is a copy of Dr. Hall's piano recital program from March 13, 2016 in which he performed 21 Bach chorales dedicated to the Season of Lent and Passion Week. You are welcome to download this program for free and read Dr. Hall's extensive notes! VIEW VIDEO HERE

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