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Transcriptions & Arrangements

The piano literature is ripe with countless transcriptions and arrangements. Browse our current library of exciting piano works from a variety style periods, all conveniently arranged chronologically!  

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The Saint Louis Blues (arr. Hall)


The Saint Louis Blues (arr. Hall)


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The Saint Louis Blues, by W.C. Handy, arranged and edited for piano (levels 6+) by Cory Hall, 6 pages, duration ca. 5:00, BachScholar's quality engraving. Based on the original piano/vocal edition from 1914, Hall's meticulous and detailed arrangement (with fingerings) is arguably the most authentic and true reading to date of this early blues classic, tailored especially for concert piano performance. Most arrangers and improvisers stray from the melancholy of Handy's original "sad song" turning the blues classic into an inappropriate virtuosic display filled with cheap effects. Hall's expressive and feeling-filled arrangement, however, exploits all the resources from the modern piano in an orchestral fashion, adapting Handy's melancholic song to an effective work for concert piano performance. VIEW VIDEO HERE!

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