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Hardcopy Piano Editions

ABOUT:  (Please download the FREE brochure below!) BachScholar Publishing, LLC has been producing quality piano sheet music in digital PDF format since 2012. In 2017, we began hardcopy book production. Our manuscript and engraving quality is extraordinary, plus all books feature extra-legible print (darker and thicker lines than most other editions), high-quality paper (thicker than most other editions), heavy-duty laminated covers for extra durability, and as an added bonus, all books over 20 pages feature spiral binding for easy page turning! In sum, the quality of our music books is arguably the best in the world! All our books are available in hardcopy (HC), digital non-printable PDF (great for iPads and tablets!), as well as both these options (HC + PDF) for a 20% discount! 

BACH IS OUR SPECIALTY:  Of course, as our name implies, we specialize in the music of J.S. Bach; however, we also plan to publish hardcopy editions of many other composers' music in the near future, including Beethoven, Chopin, and Joplin, among others. BachScholar® is the only publisher in the world, now or ever, to provide editions of Bach's four-part chorales specifically tailored for piano and keyboard (organ, harpsichord) performance and teaching. Each chorale is presented in two and four parts to make them accessible for all levels, beginning through advanced. In addition fingerings and suggested tempi are provided. All piano students, teachers, and concert artists need to buy these fantastic editions HERE, as Bach's magnificent chorales edited for keyboard can be found nowhere else but on this page! 

PRE-ORDERS:  Currently, our forthcoming book J.S. BACH: 36 Four-Part Chorales | Lent-Passion-Easter, to be printed and ready to ship in February 2018, is under pre-sale. You are welcome to order the HC or HC + PDF before this time. Pre-order customers will be the first to receive the book when it is ready to be shipped!


BachScholar® Brochure (FREE)


BachScholar® Brochure (FREE)


You may download BachScholar Publishing's free tentative catalogue (two-sided PDF) showing its plans for the next year, 2018. 

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