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Cory Hall

Here you may browse original piano works, transcriptions, piano studies, and editions by BachScholar's founder and editor-in-chief, Dr. Cory Hall. For Hall's extensive bio, please click here and scroll down the page.


St. George and the Dragon


St. George and the Dragon


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St. George and the Dragon from 4 Medieval Portraits, Opus 2, by Cory Hall, for piano solo (levels 8+), 6 pages, duration ca. 2:40. Time travel back to ca. A.D. 300. The valorous soon-to-be "Saint" George rescues the King's daughter from being sacrificed to a dragon lurking in the town lake. George then subdues the dragon, brings it back to town, and consents to slay the dragon if the King and his people convert to Christianity. They do so, and George heroically slays the dragon! This thrilling tour de force piano work vividly depicts the legend of St. George, complete with an appearance of the famed Dies Irae motif in the flamboyant coda (when the dragon is finally slayed). Ideal for the concert stage as well as the home or studio, St. George and the Dragon presents the ideal étude for the courageous and fearless pianist! 

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