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Current Top 21 Best Sellers

Explore BachScholar's top 21 best-selling titles in calendar year 2016, listed in numerical order. Dr. Hall's exciting, "super duper" arrangement of Irving Berlin's "Puttin' on the Ritz" wins the #1 spot!

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9. Joplin: 8 Greatest Hits


9. Joplin: 8 Greatest Hits


Instant PDF download for printing or e-reading! Save your PDF for a lifetime of use! All eight original cover pages included in high-resolution color!

Scott Joplin: 8 Greatest Hits, for piano solo, 8 original cover pages, 34 pages of music, Urtext. Here in one convenient download are eight of Joplin's most popular and enduring piano classics. Highest quality engraving which preserves the integrity of the original editions. Pianists and ragtime aficionados will marvel at the clarity and legibility of this fine digital Urtext accompanied by eight original cover pages in full-color, high-resolution format. Contents include:

1. Maple Leaf Rag (1899)
2. The Easy Winners (1901)
3. Peacherine Rag (1901)
4. The Entertainer (1902)
5. Elite Syncopations (1902)
6. Bethena (1905)
7. Pine Apple Rag (1908)
8. Solace (1909)

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