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Johann Sebastian Bach

Browse our current library of original keyboard works and piano transcriptions/arrangements by J.S. Bach (1685-1750). We specialize in transcriptions and arrangements!

Bach's Four-Part Chorales For Piano -- FREE!


SR&H -- HARDCOPY (Sept. 21)


SR&H -- HARDCOPY (Sept. 21)


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  • Copyright by BachScholar Publishing, 2017.  ISBN: 978-0-692-91118-1
  • 9" by 12" by 1", 220+ pages, heavy duty, laminated front and back covers, black coil binding for easy page turning
  • World's finest book on sight-reading; employs BachScholar's innovative and instructive 5-Tier System of Four-Part Hymns & Chorales™; uses excerpts from 150 of Bach's four-part chorales which develop superior sight-reading and harmony skills.
  • Features exam curricula and diplomas for sight-reading and master of harmony programs
  • Ideal for private keyboard instruction (piano, organ, harpsichord), college and university group piano classes, and theory/harmony/ear training classes
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